Managing Director Speech


When I was in Canada, far away from Bangladesh, I always thought that I would do such a thing where it can contribute something to the economy of Bangladesh and create lots of job. And for that reason, export oriented heavy industries need to be setup. In 2006 I bought 10 acre land and decided to setup spinning mills. In 2011,I established a Bangladesh Canada joint venture spinning mills named Nannu Spinning Mills Ltd.At present we have setup of 150.000 spindle of Blow Room And 38000 Spindle stare production.we  meet very high standard yarn quality by using world famous machines and equipments such as trutzschler Blow Room & Carding, Rieter D/F Finisher,Lapfromer,Comber,Roving Toyota FL-200, LMW Ring + Auto Doffing + Link Coner, We also ensure very good working environment for our employee as per Canadian standard. At present there are 550 men and women working here and we hope within 2015 we can engage 1600 to 2000 employee



B M Shoeb
Managing Director