Nannu Group has started its journey in 1973. Primarily we started fabric business in Islampur of old Dhaka. Our first concern is M/S .Shoeb Corporation. By the grace of almighty Allah within few years we become renowned clothing merchant in Bangladesh. In the year 2000 we establish Nannu textile Mills Ltd. for producing grey fabrics with top class machinery. In December 2011, by the grace of almighty Allah, we established a sophisticated spinning mill with 38000 spindles. In the mean time we started trading house of Dyes & chemical. Recently we diversified our business and started Real Estate business in Dhaka.

Nannu Group, a professionally managed organization, is headed by Mr. Alhaz Md.Nannu bepari Chairman & Mr. B M Shoeb Managing Director, pioneers in their respective fields & men with global insights & entrepreneurial skills.

Our core values are Superior Performance, Integrity & Assured Quality. We believe our humble effort and core values makes us giant Spinning and Textile sector of Bangladesh.

M/S. Shoeb Corporation

Renowned clothing merchant

Nannu Textile Mills

Producing grey fabrics with top class machinery

Nannu Spinning Mills

Established a sophisticated spinning mill with 38000 spindles

In the year 1973 I started the fabric business in Islampur. My company name was M/S .Shoeb Corporation. At that time I used to purchase “Gray Fabric” from different suppliers and I finished those fabrics in various dyeing and printing factories. But, by doing so, I find out that finished fabrics qualities were uneven as gray fabrics came from different sources. So I felt that if I purchase yarn and make fabric in my own textile mill then fabric quality would be better and it would be possible to provide my buyer same quality fabric. To reach this goal in the year 2000 I established Nannu textile Mills Ltd. And since then I have been producing quality gray fabric in my won factory. After some while, I realized that it is quite impossible to maintain the gray fabric quality same as its yarn comes from different spinning mills. Therefore, I look decision to establish spinning mills. In December 2011, by the grace of almighty Allah, we established our own spinning mills with 38000 spindles and world’s renowned machinery. We have been using and exporting yarn after meeting our own requirement. We have a plan to set up a modern dying & printing Factory in future to make international standard product for export in foreign countries.

Late Alhaz Md. Nannu Bepari

Founder Chairman

When I was in Canada, far away from Bangladesh, I always thought that I would do such a thing where it can contribute something to the economy of Bangladesh and create lots of job. And for that reason, export oriented heavy industries need to be setup. In 2006 I bought 10 acre land and decided to setup spinning mills. In 2011,I established a Bangladesh Canada joint venture spinning mills named Nannu Spinning Mills Ltd.At present we have setup of 150.000 spindle of Blow Room And 38000 Spindle stare production.we meet very high standard yarn quality by using world famous machines and equipments such as trutzschler Blow Room & Carding, Rieter D/F Finisher,Lapfromer,Comber,Roving Toyota FL-200, LMW Ring + Auto Doffing + Link Coner, We also ensure very good working environment for our employee as per Canadian standard. At present there are 1800 men and women working here and we hope within 2025 we can engage 3800 to 4000 employee.

B M Shoeb

Chairman / Managing Director

Board of Directors


Sazzad Hossain


B M Rajib


Jahangir Alam


B M Shamim


Mission Statement


Our mission is to manufacture and supply the finest quality product on time to our buyers. We believe in continuous development in our goods and services as well as to stay as a trendsetter in the industry.

Vision Statement


Our vision is to provide excellent product and services with superior quality and value that satisfy customer needs.